What We Do

At PGS, we want to match businesses with potential investors by working with both former and current professional athletes.

Professional athletes of all types commonly have unique access to certain groups of people in the business community because of their celebrity status. These contact lists are developed over the course of many years in many different ways, such as through coaching youth sports, charity events, mutual contacts and more.

From these relationships comes a strong sense of both trust and respect for everyone involved. These are not lists of people that someone got off the Internet — these are carefully cultivated business relationships that have grown organically over time.

We've organized these contacts on behalf of the athletes that we work with to help them participate in closing transactions of all types. Other than their contacts, we ask for absolutely nothing from our athletes.

We secure those contacts in our database for use when the time is right. When one of those contacts is trying to obtain funding for a specific deal, or if a funding source is looking to participate in a particular type of transaction, we are able to use our expertise to match the associated parties.

At PGS, our goal is simple: We use our relationships and expertise to put like-minded people in the same room together for the benefit of everyone involved. Once we determine that two particular parties are an ideal match, the athletes associated with them are contacted and notified. It's that simple.

There are no mass emails or blanket fax campaigns sent out to multiple contacts at the same time. Absolutely no communication is made with the contacts in question without the player's participation. Any and all documentation is completed to help guarantee confidentiality and to make sure that all parties are compensated accordingly.

Once the parties are introduced, our trained and talented professionals at PGS will consult as needed.

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